Zarazza Tech Conference is an entrepreneurial conference which aims at educating, training and imparting entrepreneurial skills and knowledge to individuals and funding them in starting or boosting their own businesses. We have been in operation for over a decade and we have seen immense entrepreneurial development to the individuals who have been trained and developed by us. At Zarazza Tech Conference, we have a team of professionals equipped with relevant entrepreneurial ideas and skills who are dedicated to train and make everyone achieve their business goals. Our level of professionalism has been proven by many clients and individuals who have gone through our trainings. In our vast conferences, we have brought light in many people`s dreams especially those who never thought that they would ever succeed in business. At Zarazza Tech Conference, we believe that everybody`s dreams are valid and they only need someone to guide and tell them that the time has come for them to start working on their dreams. We are in existence to enable people walk towards their future.

Our success

In our previous conferences, we have assisted many individuals who today are rejoicing in their own achievements. Some of these individuals have developed big businesses which today are fighting alongside former “big names” in the industry. Some of these companies attended our conferences while they were on the verge of collapsing but the experience, knowledge and ideas they got from us made them to stand again on their feet and today, they are wondering why they had not discovered us before. One of these companies is Milano's an automotive service that was founded in San Diego. This is an Automotive Motor Company which is specializing in buying used or second hand cars from individuals. This company attended our conference in 2007 and by then there business was not doing so well. After being trained in our workshop, they were funded with a sum of 50,000. They later combined the skills and ideas they learned with the money they got to boost their business and they are now doing so well. They have now spread their tentacles across Los Angeles and San Diego. They've been doing well, very well. How about you go and see for yourself just how great they are doing.

Another beneficiary of our conference is the Live Intent Company. This is an advertising platform company which specializes in creating adverts for their clients. They attended our workshop in 2010 and were also funded with a sum of 200,000 which they used to invest and expand their business. is also one of the projects that have grown purely by implementing the business skillswe imparted on them together with a funding of 12,000.

At Zarazza Tech Conference, we only give you what you need to excel in your business. If you want to succeed in your business dream, do not forgot to attend our conferences. We will surely help you achieve your entrepreneurial goals!